July 30th- August 17th 2017

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Dear Applicant,
You may register for the entire term of the course (30 July -- 17 August) or for one of the half-terms.
The full-term students may apply to study the entire period with one of the full-term teachers, or they may switch teachers in the middle of the course. Please indicate your teacher preference (for each half-term) below.
Please note that only full-term master-class students are eligible to enter the concerto competition.
The Chamber Music Workshop is open to the full-term students.
The Art Song Workshop is open to the full-term and the second half-term students.
Select Preferred Teacher at First half of Tel-Hai (July 30th – August 8th)
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Select Preferred Teacher at Second half of Tel-Hai (August 8th – August 17th )
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I intend to take part in the Chamber Music Workshop (July 30th - August 9th)
I intend to take part in the Art-Song Workshop (August 8th - August 15th)
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I will be serving in the Israeli Defence Forces at the time of the Master Classes.
Please note that applications will not be proccessed until the application fee is received